Pirovano plays Dario Fo

Mistero Buffo, Pirovano in Sardegna

In 1991, whilst continuing to follow the tours of the two artists, Pirovano himself began to perform the one-man-show “Comic Mystery Play“, which is considered a classic of twentieth century theatre.

On Franca Rame’s suggestion, since 1999 he has been performing the play “Johan Padan and the Discovery of America”. Dario Fo himself appreciated the actor’s talent to such an extent that he entrusted him with the production of the play. This text was translated in English by Pirovano himself.

In 2005, Pirovano has revived Fo’s work: “would like to die tonight if I thought that it had been for nothing”testimonies collected live from partisans of the 2° world war.

Pirovano has translated in English also “Francis the Holy Jester“, the narrative about the life of Saint Francis, drawn from historic texts and ancient folk tales investigated by Dario Fo. The text was published in London by BeautifulBooks editor. This play has obtained everywere a great success, moreover at the Fringe Festival of Edinburgh in 2009.

Pirovano still performs Fo’s works in the most varied places: not only in theatres, but also in squares, schools, gymnasia, churches, parks and social clubs. He holds seminars and workshops in all Italy and abroad.

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