Mario Pirovano sul palco
Mario Pirovano on the stage

Mario Pirovano (Milan, 20 April 1950) is an Italian theatrical actor, storyteller, translator and interpreter of Dario Fo’s monologues. His performances contribue to spread the Fo’s art in the world. Mario Pirovano grew up in Pregnana Milanese, a small village just out of Milan. At the age of 12 he worked in a local shop, at the age of 24 he moved to England, where for about 10 years he does all sort of jobs. In 1983 he sees Dario Fo and Franca Rame performing Mistero Buffo at the Riverside Studios in London, and totally identifies in the works of Dario Fo Since 1983 Mario Pirovano has taken part in all the works produced by Dario Fo and Franca Rame as an actor or assistant producer, stage director or simultaneous translator. In 1987 with Fo and Rame he acted in the programme “Forced Broadcast”, shown in eight episodes on a national television channel (Rai3).

The long years spent as an apprentice and his unique relationship with the Master make Pirovano not only the most proven interpreter of the theatre of Dario Fo, but also an impassioned and tireless populariser of the style and language which have made Fo famous throughout the world and earned him the Nobel Prize for Literature.

“Mario Pirovano is a self-taught actor of great expressive quality. For years he came to listen to my performances and followed the lessons and demonstrations I gave to young actors. Eventually he had pumped me of all the tricks and “know-how” of the trade to the extent that he was capable of performing alone with great success. Personally I saw his performance at the University of Florence, faculty of Arts. I found him exceptional. Above all he didn’t take me off, he didn’t mimic me. He showed a vitality that was all his own, and the energetic inventiveness of a great story-teller.” Dario Fo (Florence, June 1991) Guarantee certificate

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