The new translation

by Mario Pirovano

‘Holy Jester! The Saint Francis fables’
Opus Books, New York,
December 2017


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  Samedì 25 Novembre 2017
Mistero Buffo
de Dario Fo
avec Mario Pirovano
Petit Théâtre du Créarc
8 Rue Pierre Duclot, 38000, Grenoble, Francia

Mario Pirovano Mistero Buffo Dario Fo Troina Sicilia  

Mario Pirovano had a special relationship with the late, great master of political satire Dario Fo and his wife and collaborator Franca Rame. Friend and former apprentice, the 66-year-old Italian performer is now a leading international interpreter of Fo’s works in both Italian and English.
So when a month-long festival of Fo’s work, Dancing with Colours, Whipping With Words, was organised in Edinburgh around the first ever UK exhibition of Fo’s paintings, Pirovano was the obvious choice to provide part of the theatrical element.
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Mario Pirovano on stage, Edinburgh





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