At last ‘Mistero Buffo’ comes to Malta after a whole 30 years of grotesque struggles….. unfortunately enough without Dario Fo but fortunately enough with his heir, Mario Pirovano.
The Strada Stretta Concept, under the auspices of the Valletta 2018 Foundation presents ’Dario Fo A Malta’, monologues & workshop interpreted by Mario Pirovano, under the artistic direction of Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci.
Come and join us for a Dario Fo/Franca Rame troika in Malta: Strada Stretta & St. George’s Square, Valletta.

14th September, 2000hrs, St. George’s Square – Mistero Buffo
15th September, 2000hrs, Strada Stretta, near Splendid – Johan Padan
16th September, 2000hrs, Strada Stretta, near Splendid – Workshop with the participation of Għannejja – Maltese Troubadours.
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Mario Pirovano a Malta Mistero Buffo Johan Padan Dario Fo

Mario Pirovano had a special relationship with the late, great master of political satire Dario Fo and his wife and collaborator Franca Rame. Friend and former apprentice, the 66-year-old Italian performer is now a leading international interpreter of Fo’s works in both Italian and English.
So when a month-long festival of Fo’s work, Dancing with Colours, Whipping With Words, was organised in Edinburgh around the first ever UK exhibition of Fo’s paintings, Pirovano was the obvious choice to provide part of the theatrical element.
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Mario Pirovano on stage, Edinburgh

World Theater Day Message 2016 (by the Russian stage director Anatoli Vassiliev)

Do we need theatre?

That is the question thousands of professionals disappointed in theatre and millions of people who are tired of it are asking themselves.

What do we need it for?

In those years when the scene is so insignificant in comparison with the city squares and state lands, where the authentic tragedies of real life are being played.

What is it to us?

Gold-plated galleries and balconies in the theatre halls, velvet armchairs, dirty stage wings, well-polished actors’ voices, – or vice versa, something that might look apparently different: black boxes, stained with mud and blood, with a bunch of rabid naked bodies inside.

What is it able to tell us?


Theatre can tell us everything.

How the gods dwell in heaven, and how prisoners languish in forgotten caves underground, and how passion can elevate us, and how love can ruin, and how no-one needs a good person in this world, and how deception reigns, and how people live in apartments, while children wither in refugee camps, and how they all have to return back to the desert, and how day after day we are forced to part with our beloveds, – theatre can tell everything.

The theatre has always been and it will remain forever.

We need every kind of theatre.

There is only one theatre which is surely not needed by anyone – I mean a theatre of political games, a theatre of a political “mousetraps”, a theatre of politicians, a futile theatre of politics. What we certainly do not need is a theatre of daily terror – whether individual or collective, what we do not need is the theatre of corpses and blood on the streets and squares, in the capitals or in the provinces, a phony theatre of clashes between religions or ethnic groups…

Anatoly Vassiliev

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