Mario Pirovano had a special relationship with the late, great master of political satire Dario Fo and his wife and collaborator Franca Rame. Friend and former apprentice,
the 67-year-old Italian performer is now a leading international interpreter of Fo’s works in both Italian and English.

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Mario Pirovano on stage Edinburgh


World Theater Day Message 2017

A story well-told on stage doubtless captivates the children in the audience and somehow transforms them. Leaving the theater after a show, the world seems different: it has been touched by a performance that allows members of the audience to see beyond the surface. And frequently, a cathartic reaction takes hold upon seeing themselves projected through certain characters or situations. Unlike the solitude of reading, once a story makes the leap onstage, the experience changes: now it is something that is happening before our very eyes, something we may share with others. We are no longer the sole witnesses.

The tale comes to life beyond our imagination and somehow, transforms us into protagonists, because we entrust the characters with our emotions and fears, our desires and frustrations. Once they are staged, fiction, music, dance, song, poetry, games, magic, and juggling are all harmonically assembled, along with the resources typical of the theatrical arts: wardrobe, lights, scenery, makeup, props. The contributions made to our cultural heritage –with an emphasis on literature and theater– invariably lead to children exercising their imaginations and finding greater meaning in life.

Francisco Hinojosa
(Mexico City, 1954) is one of Mexico’s leading authors of children’s literature.

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